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    If you are struggling with debt, facing lawsuits from creditors, or want to prevent foreclosure, bankruptcy may be the solution to free you from your insurmountable debt and get your life back on track.
    Harassing phone calls from creditors, mounting debt, and imminent foreclosure can feel like a nightmare, but bankruptcy is your legal right to discharge your debts and get a fresh start. Vegas BK represents Las Vegas residents who are ready to take advantage of bankruptcy protection and begin the road to a debt-free life.

    Why Hire a Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer?

    It’s a common misconception that hiring a bankruptcy attorney only adds an additional financial burden. The truth is that while you do not need an attorney to file for bankruptcy, the process is not always straightforward and there are many pitfalls and deadlines in the bankruptcy process. Many people have lost assets that could otherwise have been saved because they did not seek experienced legal representation and put themselves in a worse financial situation.

    A bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas will counsel you on which chapter of bankruptcy to file to protect your assets, complete your paperwork without errors that can lead to dismissal of your case or worse, guide you through court procedures, and represent you during meetings with the trustee. A mistake in your bankruptcy paperwork can have significant consequences, potentially leading to your case being thrown out and losing your chance for bankruptcy protection or losing assets you could have saved. Call the bankruptcy lawyers at Vegas BK to discuss your situation.

    A Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney can help you…

    – Save your home. Bankruptcy can be an option to save your home while discharging other debts. An experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney can help you explore options to save your home and avoid foreclosure.

    – Get rid of your debt burden. Filing for bankruptcy can discharge most debts, including credit card debt and medical debt.

    – Remove a second and third mortgage. Lien stripping in Chapter 13 bankruptcy can get rid of junior liens (second and third mortgages) on your home if you are upside-down on your mortgage.

    – “Cramdown” an auto loan. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the outstanding balance on your car loan can be “crammed down” to the car’s fair market value and paid over 3-5 years. Cramming down your auto loan can significantly reduce your interest rate, reduce the outstanding balance, and give you a more affordable payment.

    – Protect your assets. Seeking debt relief through bankruptcy doesn’t mean losing all of your assets and belongings. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you choose the best option to protect your assets legally through bankruptcy exemptions and asset conversion.

    – Stop wage garnishment and creditor lawsuits. Filing for bankruptcy puts an immediate end to wage garnishment, creditor lawsuits, harassing phone calls, and most types of debt collection.

    We Help You Examine Your Options

    While bankruptcy can give you a fresh start financially, our Nevada bankruptcy lawyers understand that bankruptcy is not the right choice for everyone. We will never push you into choosing bankruptcy; instead, our bankruptcy attorneys will help you explore your many options and understand how each will affect you.
    Bankruptcy is not the only solution available to you if you are facing significant debt or foreclosure. An experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney can also help with loan modification to restructure a mortgage, debt settlement, debt consolidation loans, budgeting, and other solutions to preserve your credit and protect your assets.



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    Are you struggling with debt you can’t afford to repay? Are you facing creditor actions like foreclosure, wage garnishment, or repossession? Bankruptcy may be the solution to end your nightmare and give you a fresh start. At VegasBK lawyers, we can help you explore your options to find the best solution toward a debt-free life, whether it’s bankruptcy, loan modification, or debt consolidation. If bankruptcy is the right solution for you, a Nevada bankruptcy attorney will help you choose the right chapter of bankruptcy and guide you through every step of the process. Contact the Las Vegas Bankruptcy lawyers at Vegas BK today for a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call today to learn more about the benefits of bankruptcy and find out how it can help you get the peace of mind and debt relief you deserve.

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